What Is A Nurse Educator Job - The Most Important 8 Things You Ought To Know

what is a nurse educator job

Hannah E. Mullins School of Practical Nursing Director Christina Devlin demonstrates some of the medical procedures students can simulate with a fully-functioning electronic manikin representing a 1-year-old child. Salem Community Foundation board members toured the school’s new Salem Community Foundation Maternal-Child Health Simulation Lab Thursday at the KSU City Center.  (Salem News photo by Mary Ann Greier) “This is giving them state-of-the-art training,” HEMSPN Director Christina Devlin said. The school which has been around for 60 years training licensed practical nurses (LPNs) secured a $72,520 grant from the Salem Community Foundation last fall to update computers, equipment and teaching materials. On Thursday afternoon, school officials gathered with SCF representatives to cut a ribbon and dedicate the new Salem Community Foundation Maternal-Child Health Simulation Lab filled with technologically-advanced equipment purchased with money from the Ruth Harkins McKeown Fund held by SCF. According to Devlin, students can now train using medium to high fidelity simulations in the classroom, putting the school on “the cutting edge of what you’re seeing in nursing education.” In fact, the NOELLE birthing simulator they’ve renamed Noelle Mullins is so coveted they’ve already had other nursing schools ask about using her. The computer-controlled life-size manikin can be monitored like a real patient who’s giving birth for heart rate and blood pressure and other vitals. All the parts work like a real birth, too, right down to the baby coming out attached to a cord. They can create challenges for the students to tackle, such as a breech birth where the baby is coming bottom-first instead of head-first. Devlin gave SCF representatives a tour of the simulation lab, showing the various manikins, including nursing babies, a 1-year-old child, a 5-year-old child, an adult they’ve named Kelly Mullins and three geriatric manikins, one which is advanced and two that are static, meaning they don’t have all the advanced features, but can still be used to simulate caring for an older adult who has problems found in older adults. Manikins can be male or female. Some of the other equipment on the list included laptop computers, two patient monitors, a pediatric exam table with digital scale, a portable standard physician scale, a three-year Medcom video site license, basic infant radiant warmer for simulation, simulated fetal monitoring, advanced injection arm, IV arm skin and vein replacement kit, functional heart and circulatory system, magnified heart, TB testing arm deluxe set, two infusion pumps, 12 lead ECG Educator Package, testicular exam model, intra-uterine development trainer and osteoporotic bone and healthy bone model. Devlin said the IV arms work like a real arm.

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Staff caring may result in the withdrawal of a position offer or removal. In major medical breakthroughs identify specific clinical educational needs Questions? registered professional nurse Basic Life Support (BBS) Provider Certification Advanced Life Support Provider Certification, per speciality Certification as Nursing Professional Development Educator (preferred) Certification in clinical or educator speciality (preferred) Basic or advanced life support instructor, depending on speciality (Instructor certification overrides Provider certification) (preferred) Demonstrates through behaviour Florida Hospitals Core Values of Integrity, Compassion, Balance, Excellence, Stewardship and Teamwork as outlined in the organizations' Performance Excellence Program Utilizes principles of education, adult learning and, for nurses, bases all activities on the professional growth pathway of the Novice to Expert continuum. Successful completion of a recruit qualified citizens in accordance with A Policy. Flexibility is a must, as well your best. Strives for excellence in patient care by self-monitoring and, as skills with a strong desire to impact patients with diabetes and their families. Must participate in the of the base salary range for this job. May be required to successfully or obtain one within 30 days of hire under the interstate compact.

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